March 24, 2023
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Current Stats:
Total Apartment Buildings 3048
Total Neighborhoods:  2495
Total Registered Neighbors 17932 (and Founder, Jared Nissim) assumes zero responsibility or liability whatsoever for anything that happens as a result of anyone's involvement in the MTN Experiment or usage of our site and service. Membership in Meet The Neighbors is without obligation on our part or yours. We reserve the right to terminate membership for any reason, without notice. By becoming a member of Meet The Neighbors, you agree to waive any and all right forevermore to bring legal action against Meet The Neighbors or Jared Nissim due to circumstances resulting from your involvement with Meet The Neighbors. Essentially, since Meet The Neighbors is open to the public, anyone can get involved. We cannot be held liable for the behavior of individual members or the results of their actions. Not that anything bad has ever happened, but we need to say it just in case!
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