March 24, 2023
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Current Stats:
Total Apartment Buildings 3048
Total Neighborhoods:  2495
Total Registered Neighbors 17932

Meet The Neighbors - Mission Statement

Meet The Neighbors is an ongoing endeavor to create friendships and community between people who live in the same building or immediate neighborhood.  We aim to help people build real-life, off-line relationships that are "geographically desireable."  By removing the barriers that keep us from speaking to each another, new friendships, ideas, actions and endeavors result. To learn more about our mission, read our Frequently Asked Questions!

Who are we?

Meet The Neighbors was first conceived of by this guy Jared Nissim (Founder of The Lunch Club) in June of 2002.  He decided it was time to meet the other people who lived in his building. So, he passed out a note and organized a gathering for his neighbors - some of who became good friends and played important roles in his life. For the longest time he thought “hmm, it would be nice to build a website that lets people do this exact same thing in their own buildings, whilst capturing all the benefits of the internet.” Hence, you’re lookin’ at it.

You may (or may not) have heard of The Lunch Club, which is Jared’s ongoing endeavor (since December of 2001) to organize “lunch, brunch, dinner (and all kinds of) gatherings that building community.” The Lunch Club currently has over 12,000 members throughout New York City and the tri-state area and has held approximately 800 gatherings to date. Meet The Neighbors and The Lunch Club are “sisters” in a way. Both aim to bring people together and create community. The Lunch Club does it by taking people from all over the city and bringing them to one particular place. Meet The Neighbors connects you with the other people who already live in the same place as you. The two things work hand-in-hand, you see?

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